1-2-1 Distant Healing Session

Hello and thank you for visiting my distant healing page. Here is some information about Reiki and the Reiki sessions I give to help you decide if this is something you would like to try.

Reiki is well known as a gentle and highly effective way to help heal your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual body, as well as providing direct relief from issues affecting many aspects of our lives. These include career, relationships, hormonal imbalances, pain management, addiction, relief from many symptoms of disease or illness, coping with change, finances and most of the stressors associated with modern living.

The Healing Sessions

I offer 30 and 60-minute distant healing sessions for my clients. Once you have an appointment I will send you 1 or 2 recordings of guided relaxations to do before our session. These recordings will help you get the most out of the session, then all you have to do is sit back and relax! It is an enjoyable experience, yet individually unique to each person.

Truth is, Reiki is a wonderful way to smooth out life’s bumps and challenges, allowing you to live magically, in the moment, with peace and ease.
About Me, Ruth Garner

I have been a Reiki healer for nearly 20 years and a full-time healer for the past 5 years. I love doing distant healing and I still enjoy peoples reactions of amazement that it ‘distant Reiki works’, and hearing their experience, its magical!

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You were spot on, no peace of mind until this morning when I woke up at felt very at peace for the first time in a long time. Thank you so much you did great. Thank you so much again I feel great 😊 Ant


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